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Never fails to hit the spot

The best restaurant in Auckland, and probably NZ.  I’ve seen some reviews on here complaining about the price, but guess what, you pay for what you get.  You want cheap then go to McDonald's.  If you appreciate a fantastic meal with equally fantastic service then you won’t be let down.  This is the most consistently

excellent restaurant I have encountered.  I will be back!



Bit of South African Flavour

We have longed for some of those South African delicacy’s since we left and the Bushman’s Grill transports you right back there with a menu that will be sure to make the boere smile.

From the crumbled mushrooms to the creamed spinach, they haven’t just brought the flavours of SA to NZ they have done so with an authenticity that is truly outstanding.

The restaurant itself is a warm and peaceful place, this is in part to there being a kids play area out the back. The front is moody and more romantic and then the back area is a covered beer garden with room for big groups.

The decor is fairly African with some nice kiwiana thrown in the honour the mash of cultures.

The starters are your staples, buffalo wings, mushrooms, cheesy prawns, etc. But they also include snails and an onion blossom which we haven’t seen in so long. Our group was large and we were able to try most of them and I can honestly say that there wasn’t a bad one there.

Prices range from $10 to $20 per starter and they are a great introduction to the meal.

Mains are for meat lovers, and trust me, they do not hold back on the servings. My wife and I shared the 600g T-bone Steak with creamed spinach, Mozambique pepper sauce and Monkeygland sauce (for all non-South Africans this is a BBQ sauce, not from real monkeys). Super good! I mean cooked to perfection, condiments were excellent and at $42 for the dish, it was a bargain for the two of us. Other standout dishes from our table were the pork spare ribs and the chicken schnitzel with mushroom sauce. Again, it was very hard to fault the meal.

The experience as a whole was enjoyable for everyone, the kids had a great time in their area and this allowed the adults to relax and enjoy a drink and proper conversation.

For a family of four, with drinks you are looking at between $150 - $200 and you will be taking home some leftovers.

So for those who are from SA and looking for a taste of home or those who are looking for a different spin on those grill classics, the Bushman’s Grill will satisfy all your senses and leave you wanting more. You will definitely go more than once as will we.



The best food and service. Definitely I would go back and recommend. Awesome reka kai.

Sharron Beazley


A work colleague recommended this place to us so we thought we would try it out.

It's a wonderful, family owned restaurant with a great atmosphere.  Seating was comfortable and staff were friendly.

The food was stunningly delicious with very generous sized portions on each plate.

A must try is the spare Ribs...

I don't know how the get them that tender and succulent.  Honestly, these are the best ribs in Auckland.

They have a reasonable wine and beer selection although limited wines by the glass, most of them by the bottle.

Will we go back? Absolutely yes, if only for the ribs.

Phil G


The service is friendly and welcoming,  the food is excellent and really delicious and as a dining experience this is great value for money.  The rump steak was remarkably tender, chicken wings needed multiple napkins for the sauce - highly recommended and we would definitely return.

Justin L


If you're looking for a great steak on the shore go no further, do not pass go and you shall not pass. This is your one stop steak shop. Their service is polite and efficient, their food is fresh and delicious the restaurant is homely and comfortable. Bar 1 time I have been here the steak has been perfect on that 1 time it was good, their seasoning and cooking makes me feel ashamed of all my own misfortunate steaks that have graced my pan. I look forward to many more meals in this church of charred cow.

Kieran Watters


I really cannot fault this place! We got the onion starter as our entree which was yum and a bit different for a starter, the sauce was so good! The service was so so fast we got there at 6 and Left just after 7 and were in no hurry at all! Our mains were delish as well, the mushroom sauce was good although slightly thick. My partners steak was so deliciously seasoned, his ribs were a little sweet for me but still yum and my chicken was amazing too! All in all I really can't fault the place! Recommend any big eater to go here, you won't be disappointed! Often we go out and won't be full after our meal so it's nice to find somewhere that does the trick!

Mikayla Plaziuk


On our way back from a trip up north, we decided to pop into this place because we felt like ribs.
We were not disappointed. The ribs here were delicious - smoky, tender and full of flavour. Next time I have a craving for ribs, I'll be sorely tempted to make the trip across the bridge. It would be better if they came with more than one side though. I also enjoyed the buffalo wings as they were crispy and tasty - the only thing is that I didn't think they were very spicy. This place is pretty casual in terms of decor. Our waiter was friendly and efficient and we didn't have to wait long for the food. It was good a to see a children's area for little ones to play in too. We did find the parking situation a bit bewildering before realising that people were parking in the car park which was a short walk away. Overall, a good experience that I would be happy to repeat.

Rice & Kai


We went for dinner on the last day of the year and it was our first visit there and can't wait to go back. The service was awesome and the steaks were cooked perfectly. There's a small games room out the back for children , the whole place has a really nice atmosphere .

Shalima R


Fantastic evening. All I can say is WOW from the food to the service and best part they had JcLeRoux champagne. The snails were to die for with just right amount of Garlic as well as the crispy onion rings. Don't know how you guys made the onion look so appetizing.  Mains were calamari &ribs as well as ribs & Rump.
Calamari melted in mouth was hands down the best I have ever tasted and Rump was cooked to perfection only gripe was that did not enjoy the garlic that was placed on top of the rump would have rather had the sauce that was on the ribs. Ribs literally melted off the bone. Have not experienced service like that for quite some time so well done to Pearl and the team that served us that evening. Will definitely spread the word.

 Laurika W.


The hosts were lovely and so sweet. It's nice to see family owned restaurants among all the franchises nowadays.
The food is all made in the kitchen including the sauces. No pre packed food and you can really taste the difference.
I'm not a huge steak fan in general but the homemade sauces that came with the steak was delicious. I would recommend all three: garlic, mushroom and blue cheese. The blue cheese sauce is awesome. It's not like chunks of cheese but almost whipped cheese. My favourite dish is definitely their chicken. The chicken came with a choice of peri peri sauce or lemon and herbs. Lemon and herbs is usually a generic bland flavour but you could really taste lemon AND herb on the chicken. The chicken came with beautiful grill marks and a side of spicy rice which was delicious and plump. A must order is their ultimate onion. A beautiful whole deep fried onion that you pull apart and eat like fries.

I would become a regular customer if I didn't live so far :(

 Aniva Huang.

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Bushman's Grill Steakhouse Restaurant Auckland Wild about food Bushman's Grill Steakhouse Restaurant Auckland Wild about food Bushman's Grill Steakhouse Restaurant Auckland Wild about food